Within this trial the objective is to identify additional ecosystem services such as carbon sequestration, watershed services, habitat quality of biodiversity and native pollination services complementing the traditional forest service of provisioning timber. The work is performed in collaboration with WWF Peru.

Earth Observation Services

The outcomes of the production will not be presented in these notes due to the sensitivity of the project.

The Ucayali service trial has similar objectives as the Ha Tinh & Quang Tri (Vietnam) case, i.e. to demonstrate the ability of EO derived information to map and monitor the state and changes of the forest ecosystem and related habitats in Raymondi, province of Ucayali in Peru. Products will be suitable to develop indicators for ecosystem services and monitor forest changes and/or degradation.

The service will comprise two products:

1) a forest mapping product for 2002, 2007, and 2011/12, providing information on

  • forest area
  • forest type (primary forest with different forest densities, plantations; protected areas if available from in-situ data;)
  • changes in forest area, including clear cuts/deforestation as well as degradation
  • indicator for above ground biomass (ton per ha)

2) a land cover and habitat mapping product for the 2012. This comprises

  • a land cover map with classes compatible to the FAO Land Cover Classification Scheme LCCS. Classes shall include forest, major agricultural surface types (bare agricultural land, grassland), settlements, primary roads, bare soil, water bodies, rivers and wetlands
  • a habitat fragmentation map based on forest area and type products with a focus on Morphological Spatial Pattern Analysis (MSPA)
  • a consolidated river network and delineation of water bodies
  • a primary road network

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