Within the Lombok island trial site the objective is to identify and map indicators for the following suite of ecosystem services (ES) - watershed protection, carbon sequestration and eco-tourism within the boundaries of the project area.

The EO service mostly support an already existing scheme on Payment for Environmental Services (water) in Rinjani Protected Area on Lombok Island. The initiative involves a partnership of the municipality of Mataram, the Water Utility Company and individual water consumers in Mataram as buyer, as well as the communities up stream who maintain the water supply and forests as seller. This EO trial is intended to contribute to the Global Environment Facility (GEF) funded project "Expanding FSC Certification at Landscape Level through incorporating additional Ecosystem Services".

Earth Observation Services

The ForCES pilot site Lombok, comprising the whole Island, has been mapped with regard to forest density and land cover using the most recent data available. The imagery is to a large extent cloudy and a number of scenes have been used to produce a more or less cloud free product. The result is a land cover mosaic based on SPOT 5 data from 2011 and 2012 together with a Rapid Eye scene from 2012, complemented with Landsat 8 data from 2013.

Three main EO products have been produced as part of the Lombok Island trial:

1)        A Forest maps for three separate time periods (2003/4, 2010, 2012). The forest maps include forest area, forest types (primary forest and forest density classes), changes in forest area (including clear cuts) and indicators for above ground biomass have been analysed.

2)        Land cover and habitat mapping. The land cover map contain the following thematic classes: forests, major agricultural areas, settlements, infrastructure and primary roads, bare soil, water bodies, water courses and mangroves. The classes follow, as far as possible, the FAO LCCS classification system. In addition to the land cover map, a habitat fragmentation map has been produced..

3)        A high resolution digital elevation model. Two DSM have been purchased, one over mount Rinjanai conservation area and one over the whole of Lombok. The one over Mount Rinjani is the one most up to date and with a slightly higher accuracy compared to the one over the entire Lombok.

In addition to this a fragmentation map has been produced and different watershed products will be derived during the Ecosystem Service valuation phase of the project.

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